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The Politics Test

Brand New In 2008

We Americans can be bullheaded and judgmental in an election year. We can also be closed-minded and insulting and dinky. All this just because we disagree about policy, when in reality we make great neighbors.

Of course, since you're here to take the Politics Test, we know you're open-minded. It's to you, the self-aware and self-probing, that we dedicate this test.

The Politics Test is impartial, written by mathematicians who run a free dating site (us;, and it explores your ecomonic and social ideas, and then places you into a 2-D spectrum of political thought. The goal of this Politics Test is self analysis, and that's it. Our only agenda is supporting people who'd like to think about tough issues.


(The Politics Test was designed for Americans but we welcome all takers. Thanks!)
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