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a seaside tidal pool [as opposed to the inland kind] & perhaps building lowtide sandcastles with all of her farmgirl might....her cute 'n' soft moccasins left nicely up by her (tie-dyed/psychedelic/rainbow/day-glow) towel left safely upon the higher & dryer sand-----YES, I LOVE TIDAL POOLS!

shower, playing in the rain, dinosaurs, sharks, camping, getting lost, comic books, ice cream, crayons, getting sweaty, meteor showers, making sand castles, demolishing sand castles, mushrooms, if you happen to be Till Lindemann, no drama, no negetivity, dont want to change me, comedy clubs, kids,

I'd like to start off with a story that has changed my opinion of the world:One day on the beach there were a few kids building sand castles. They completed their castles and stood behind them proudly shouting "This is my castle.

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The Would we mesh....hard.... Test

by follow_my_lead

I am here today because I want to know if my expectations are realistic and whether or not I am building my castles in the sky. But, as this test is d... ...

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The Childish Test

by Kajo

Being childish isn't always bad. This is to measure your degree of charming childishness (as opposed to annoying childishness). ...

The How Many Words do You Know Test

The How Many Words do You Know Test

by 476herschel

Ok, you're smart, but you're not THAT smart. Time to put a number on that reading ability of yours: How many words do you know? ...

The Rooster's Test

The Rooster's Test


This is my test. There are many like it, but this one is mine! Another compatibilty test, a grain of sand in the vast desert that is HookupSite. -=s... ...

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The Red Hot Chili Peppers Lyric Test

by orgy47

Hey there! I love RHCP they are my most favorite band in the world. So I thought I'd make a test and see how many other people love them as much as I ... ...

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An image of stillconstance


Comment by stillconstance

" Castles Fall They say we all want a fairytale Yet who are they to know? I think we all want different things now- We're learning as we grow. Perhaps little girls dream of princes, Build castles in the sand But sooner or later the dreams die; We come to understand Fantasies don't last and castles

An image of pixiecard

Strange Dreams

Comment by pixiecard

Families with their kids came and build sand castles, there were women sun bathing and swimming and the place was completely packed with people and their sandwiches. When lunch was over everyone left quickly, people went back to work and they started to remove the sand and water again only to fill

An image of hankwilson

If you value your good mood, IGNORE!

Comment by hankwilson

there was a time when we were all in the sand box. some played with cars, some played with dolls, some would build castles.

An image of VulcanTourist

Am I the only one that finds this hilarious?

Comment by VulcanTourist

Some people make sand castles. I make sand dungeons with secret tunnels.

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Has Christianity made the world better or worse?

Comment by

[WW11-41] * Semlin/Hungary 6/24/96 thousands slain. Wieselburg/Hungary 6/12/96 thousands. [WW23] * 9/9/96-9/26/96 Nikaia, Xerigordon (then Turkish), thousands respectively. [WW25-27] * Until January 1098 a total of 40 capital cities and 200 castles conquered (number of slain unknown) [WW30] * After

An image of Le_Magnifique

Sea Monkeys

Comment by Le_Magnifique

we are going to the beach, make sand castles, drink some malibu pineapple, holla at the cuties and have some!

Default user image

your stuck on a deserted island with the above poster, would you make babies or eat the person to surive?

Comment by

i'm really into sand castles more than making babies and eating ppl.

An image of Gwynhala

Pick One!

Comment by Gwynhala

Sand castles, or boogie boards?

An image of emerald_blossom

Totally aweosme song lyrics...

Comment by emerald_blossom

Coldplay Viva La Vida And I discovered that my castles stand...Upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand Yes.

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