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  • An image of gothicowgirl78


    31 / F / Straight / Orlando, Florida Match % Unknown Join to find out!

    aka the Pit Bull . Punish the DEED, Not the BREED. So if you are a Pit Bull hater.

  • An image of thereisnofive


    27 / M / Straight / Seattle, Washington Match % Unknown Join to find out!

    do in the event of a pit bull attack. Not that I live in constant fear of pit bull attacks or anything, but I feel like most people don't walk away from pit bull attacks because they went into the attack without a proper plan. After I think I have the whole pit bull thing more or less sussed out,

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  • An image of Raven_Lenore

    A pit bull's day at the park

    by Raven_Lenore

    enough we decided to add a crazy 2yr old pit bull who has recently began to be a puppy lol. I was kind of worried about it, not that i didnt trust spanky but i didnt trust the general population. See in my city it is illigal to even adopt out a pit bull, in the last several years they have got an

  • An image of Mel_Cubed

    Please, please, please help if you can!

    by Mel_Cubed

    RicoA04173513 - Rico is a 1 -2 year old Pit Bull mix. He came to our shelter from another shelter that does not adopt out pitbulls.

  • An image of adkgirl

    Pit Bulls: the spawn of satan?

    by adkgirl

    areas where gang memebers often keep pit bulls as status symbols and to intimidate. One popular site called the Pit Bull Reporter offers online articles, magazine subscriptions to the gamesmen�s magazine, and even custom made accessories for the pit bull trainer and handler like break sticks,

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  • An image of Kevtastic

    "Fatal" pit bull

    Comment by Kevtastic

    Well, I have only had one real experience with a pit bull, but it seems to me fairly indicative of the complications of their breed. I used to work at a dog daycare place, and we had an owner bring in a pit bull to stay there.

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  • An image of thisisallyou

    pit bulls

    Comment by thisisallyou

    Bull Terrier are all usually clumped under the one name "pit bull". And most people on the street couldn't tell any of the three apart from a dogo argentino, or a presa canario or probably even from an regular ol' Bull Terrier. I've even heard people assume that any brindle animal is a "pit bull

  • An image of clydealan

    pit bulls

    Comment by clydealan

    own a pit bull and see how you feel about them. do a little research on pit bulls. search for pit bulls with kids and see how many pics you find of kids ate by pit that to the number you find of pit bulls curled up with kids.

  • Default user image

    pit bulls

    Comment by

    to own pit bulls. People must be bred specially to be pitbull owners. No certificate, or worse, mutts: coming from the siring of a poodle-raiser woman by a German sheep herder "Herr", that's bad, the litter will never be allowed to own pit bulls.But, for some reason, the only pit bull owners I

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    Comment by

  • An image of lizmar

    A lot of women's profiles say that they are sassy.

    Comment by lizmar

    Pit Bulls shouldn't be bred for a variety of different reasons, but that's not really the basis of BSL. Most anti-BSL people, in fact, agree that the breeding of Pit Bulls should cease. But I do not believe responsible Pit Bull owners should be forced to euthanize their dogs or move. I adopted a Pit

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