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I have red hair & blue eyes and yes, I'm Irish , Scottish and fiesty . ... Did I mention I'm fiesty?

Irish , redheaded , fiesty . ... A kind face, intense eyes, a rogue's smile helps and someone who's equally aggressive and open minded in trying an adventure with a fiesty redhead.

Im outrgeous spontenous and fiesty

I'm adventurous, fiesty , spontaneous and silly .

My personality is easy going , adaptible , independent and fiesty .

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An image of FelesMalas

Pro-Life Pharmacies

Comment by FelesMalas

Fiesty - stick to the topic.

An image of kathyrnn


Comment by kathyrnn

Mom's only about 4'9" but she's fiesty as hell.

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An image of omegatotal

Ladies do you go to the supermarket and look to get a date?

Comment by omegatotal

haha pitbulls are awesome, as long as they are not fiesty, i can deal with fiesty people :-P  dont like to deal with fiesty animals o_Oas for picking up chicks at super markets, i always pick the wrong times *shrugs*

An image of ViolaMike

As much as I loved Bale in the Batman movies..

Comment by ViolaMike

There's fiesty bitch, and fiesty sweet.

An image of bergman01

annilingus (rimming) with the person above ya!!

Comment by bergman01

hey, turn down the notch a level lets be not fiesty, u dont want to be fiesty with the wrong person, dont let the smile fool you, u dont want a ass rimming, thats ur choice, i licked pussy enough to know that.

An image of kptwinmom

Say something really really nice about the poster above you (part 2)

Comment by kptwinmom

*turns head just in time to make it a lip kiss* im feeling fiesty tonight..sorry:) @tricky...its okay we all have that good ready to start trouble just a tad bit fiesty tonight.

An image of MarvelousBellum

Feisty girls are hot

Comment by MarvelousBellum

Rawr fiesty fiesty me

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