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my old faded blue jeansWhen you think Tim McGrawI hope you think of meAnd I'm back for the first time since thenI'm standin' on your streetAnd there's a letter left on your doorstepAnd the first thing that you'll read is:When you think Tim McGrawI hope you think my favorite songSomeday you'll

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Last Dance With Mary Jane256 Toby Keith - Who's That Man257 Timbaland/One Republic - Apologize258 Tim McGraw - One of These Days259 Tim McGraw - Not a Moment Too Soon260 Tim McGraw - Please Remember Me261 Three Days Grace - Just Like You262 Three Days Grace - I Hate

Fav Band- Blink-182Fav Solo Artist- Tim McGrawFav Rap Artist- Young JeezyFav Song- "Waiting in the weeds" By the Eagles- "Just To See You Smile" By Tim McGraw- "Grown Men Don't Cry" By Tim McGrawBreathe Carolina, Wacthout!

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Hi! And welcome to my Real Good Man Test. Tim McGraw Sings this song stating that he "may be a real bad boy, but baby I'm a real good man". And well,... ...

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The Country Music Lovers' Test

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An image of GuardianAero

this is what i want. a bond like this.

Comment by GuardianAero

Man, I love Tim Mikey-G... err.. I mean Tim McGraw. That has got to be one of my favorite songs too. Although "Where the Green Grass Grows" is still my all time favorite.

Forum Comments (44)

An image of CoryTurner

So what song drags emotions out of you?

Comment by CoryTurner

Tough - Tim Mcgraw?Nothin to die for - Tim McgrawI'll Walk - Bucky CovingtonRodeo - Garth BrooksLove Remembers - Craig MorganDon't take the girl - Tim Mcgraw

An image of AnthonyS1980

Why is the poster above you single?

Comment by AnthonyS1980

Poetry_Girl: because she listens to Tim McGraw, who has his own special edition Fritos, which are made by Frito-Lay, who owns Quaker (as in "Oats"), and this support of Quakers serves to alienate her, because (pitiful as it is) quakers don't like lesbians, and therefore, a vast majority of lesbians

An image of Jeello

let us play...

Comment by Jeello

*drinks* never have i ever put my finger in a light socket while in the bath wearing a clown suit with assless chaps while tim mcgraw played livin on refried dreams.

An image of except_a_lady

Saddest song ever

Comment by except_a_lady

Johnny's Daddy ~ Tim McGraw I Saw Red ~ Warrant Unforgiven ~ Metallica Mad World ~ Gary Jules While I Was Asleep ~ Dead Celebrity Status Under The Moon ~ Insane Clown Posse

An image of Gearhead88

what song are you listening to RIGHT NOW

Comment by Gearhead88

Indian Outlaw - Tim McGraw