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and GNU ... GNU is a recursive acronym which stands for GNU is Not Unix (although strangely, GNU is actually in some ways, very much Unix, though not legally according to intellectual property rules. It's pronounced as "G'Noo" which is different from the African antelope called the Gnu (also

I am a crazy Open Source and GNU/Linux dude too (some just call it Linux but that is selling the GNU foundation short). ... I do a lot of personal projects in programming and I am a total GNU / Linux nut.

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The GNU Linux Test

The GNU Linux Test

by spooked_gal

This test will tell you exactly how much you love the penguin! It covers most areas and suits beginner users as well as advanced. Do you love the peng... ...

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The Elite Computer User Test

by Scorpio83

This is a test that will determine how experienced your are with computers. It contains questions about various hardware, software and operating sys... ...

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The Which Teletubby char. R U ? Test


Anyone with kids, or ravers who dropped way tp much E last night will enjoy finding out which character from the teletubbies series they are at heart,... ...

The Open Source Software Knowledge Test

The Open Source Software Knowledge Test


Hi! And welcome to the OSS knowledge test! (beta version 1.2.5 okc1) ...

The GStreamer Mastery Test

The GStreamer Mastery Test

by smcnam

Have you even been sitting there using your GNU/Linux operating system, drifting away to your favorite music, and wondered, "What is the underlying me... ...

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Mac software for web page design?

Comment by PlaySerious

GPL's from FSF or GNU are software oriented.

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Post The Best Messages You've Sent

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a gnu. (The opening greeting was because she said she was learning Mandarin.) See if you can pick out the hidden message. Oh, and I didn't get a reply.Subject: DecodeBody:Ni Hao? What kind of guy are you looking for? I mean someone who is hung like a gnu isn't much to go on? Last I checked, gnu

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Nice Gnu Syndrome

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Nice Gnu don't bite, only bad boy gnu, and then chicks get all swoony and try to change them I guess?

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First Word

Comment by hugehank


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SUCCESS!!! I did it!!!

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GNU/Linux, you tools.

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