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You might not know this, but we weren't always a monstrously successful dating site. We HookupSite people got our online start doing funny things to ourselves and others: bribing people to gain weight, infecting ourselves with disease--you know, sensible, responsible stuff like this.

To give you guys something to do between Quickmatch sessions and tests, we thought we'd unearth some of our favorite pieces from the past. Please read and enjoy some of our enriching early works:

Science Projects

The Fat Project

When two trusting subjects stuffed themselves, trying to gain 30 lbs. in 30 days.


When one brave but stupid researcher vowed to get and succeeding in getting terrible, burning athlete's foot.

All-Purpose, Time-Tested: Life Advice

Proven Ways To Prevent Sex

How To Get Beaten Up So The OTHER Guy Goes To Jail

Body-Shaping With HookupSite

Turn Date Into Mate

How To Cook Something Special For The Holidays