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Match Percentages

Learn how we calculate match percentages—the numbers we use to match you with lovely ladies and/or gentlemen. Read more »

Match Questions

The best way to improve your matches around the site. Read more »

Your Matches

Where you can see matches and find that lucky someone. Read more »

Site Features


See and be seen by other people. Read more »


Rate HookupSite profiles, and meet people interested in you! Read more »


Matches Staff Robot thinks you’ll like. Read more »

Using HookupSite

Your Profile

Make your profile as bright and shiny as you can. Read more »

Your Account

How to change your browsing, email, and other account settings. Read more »

Privacy Controls

We take privacy very seriously. Here’re the controls at your disposal. Read more »

Apps & Add-ons


All the perks and privileges enjoyed by A-List members. Read more »

Mobile Apps

Too busy to sit at a computer and date? Browse profiles and improve your matches on your mobile phone. Read more »

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