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Glossary of Terms

Activity Points
These are points credited to the user's profile that gives additional benefits such as increased mailbox capacity or ad-free browsing. Points are accrued by engaging in HookupSite website activities such as PeanutLabs Surveys, filing journal entries, and otherwise developing the profile such that it presents a more comprehensive picture of the user. Developing the profile and engaging in user activities ultimately allows HookupSite to better meet the needs of its user community.
Bisexual Female
Bisexual Male
Dead To Me
this option essentially bars, or "hides", a specific profile from coming to the user's attention and otherwise impedes direct and indirect interaction between users; the designated user does not appear in your match results and their journal will not appear on your homescreen. 5- Favorites: A collection created by the user of the most desirable and/or salient match options to which he/she can refer at any point.
Gay Female
Gay Male
An option seen on the homepage that allows the user to select "View Matches", "Quickmatch!", "The Hotlist", and "Humor".
MatchMe Test
an auto-generated, custom test that's created after the user answers a certain number of questions on the improve matches page. Anyone can take it and get an immediate match score with the user, based off the questions that are featured. The more questions the user answers, the smarter the system gets. Anyone, including HookupSite guests, can take the MatchMe Test, so there is the option of linking the test to a blog, website, etc.
My Stalkers
HookupSite's stalker service, found under the "My Account" drop-down menu that allows the user to see any HookupSite member that has viewed their profile; this feature is alterable under "My Settings".
New User Tests
An option on the "Tests" feature from the drop-down menu. Clicking on this link takes the user to a continuously updated list of tests created by users themselves. This feature provides links to the top user-created tests, their popularity ranking on a given day, the all-time popularity ranking, the number of test takers on a given day, the positive/negative (+/-) scoring, and the rating. Links to each test are provided as well as a brief description and the creator.
Section of the site devoted to comic relief with amusingly peculiar stories and features such as "The Fat Project", (HookupSite charts the progress of subjects it paid to gain 30 lbs. in 30 days) and "Stinky Feet" (a researcher attempts to get Athlete's Foot).
This feature gives the user a quickly determined list of users who have used QuickMatch in the last 24 hours. The user selects interesting people, for friendship or dating, and if both users select each other they are notified.
Coined by HookupSite, this term refers to a personality type encompassing traits normally associated with Harvard females, such as being organized, intelligent, confident, ambitious, and striving for success and achievement; it is also consistent with, and reminiscent of, the renowned institution Harvard University.
Straight Female
Straight Male
This feature allows the user to view "New User Tests", "Staff Tests", "My Test Scores", "Create/Edit a Test", "Matchme Tests".
the "Send a Woo" gesture indicates the sender's particular interest in the recipient and a probable signal of desire for further interaction; akin to the "poke" function on Facebook.
WTF (What To Fix)
This feature allows the user to compare match questions with another user; for each question the users are not perfectly matched on, WTF displays respective preferences, answers, how well or poorly matched the users are, and a mathematical assessment (i.e. damage score) measuring the harm of the incompatible responses on the match.