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If you can’t find your answers in our outdated FAQ, or our cutting edge FAQ forums, or you just want to say hi, or yell at us, check out the feedback page.

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For inquiries & interview requests. Please see our Press Page for News Mentions and Press Releases. We welcome emails from journalists, editors, students, bloggers, or anyone else interested in helping us spread the HookupSite story: online dating can be fun, free, and successful. The founders have received plenty of publicity for their previous entrepreneurial successes, so you can count on us for a good interview. Let us know if you want to receive our press releases.

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For business development, corporate partnerships, & advertising. We focus on bringing people together and making our users happy, but we cannot do everything by ourselves. If you have idea for how your business can partner with HookupSite, please let us know. We would love to hear from companies looking at interesting wireless/mobile opportunities, blogging sites that can think creatively about integrating members. HookupSite profiles and blogs, or anyone else with a great idea.

Also contact us to purchase advertising or to sponsor an area of our website. Note at this time HookupSite does not purchase any advertising, so solicitations will not be replied to.


For your resume. You must be very smart, hard-working, and willing to live in New York City. Please send your resume and a brief cover letter highlighting your academic and professional qualifications.

HookupSite is always looking for software engineers who know and love C++.

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